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We are the exclusive training Centre for Burns & Meek Micrografting technique in India. We are the Pioneer in “Early Excision” of Burns (Excision more than 30% TBSA in single stage) since 2005 with our innovative original techniques.

Also we are leader in India for maximum no. of Meek Micrografting technique applications in major burns.

We are the Pioneer of Liposuction Since 1999. Breast Implant,Rhinoplasty, and Tissue expander technique in Central Maharashtra.

We are the only Replantation & Microvascular Centre in Central Maharashtra since 1999. We are the only advanced post Cancer Reconstruction Surgery Centre in Central Maharashtra.
1. Fellowship in Burns Management:- 1 year 
During this course training of details of all aspects of burns management will be given. 

2. Fellowship in Hand Surgery:- 6 Months 
During this course training of details of all aspects of hand surgery will be given. 

3. Fellowship in General Plastic Surgery:- 6 Months 
During this course training of details of all aspects of Plastic Surgery will be given.

4. Basic Course in Burns:- 1 month 
In this course focus will be on, protocols & basic techniques in burns management.

5. Advanced Course in Burns:- 3 months 
During this course, advanced training of major burns, technique of early excision & various techniques of wound cover including Meek micrografting & mesh grafting will be given.

6. Basic Course in Cosmetic Surgery:- 1 month 
During this course, training about basic technique of Suturing, Facial injuries, Scar revisions, Auroplasty, Mole excision, Micro Dermabrasion, Dermaroller, Dermabrasion, CO2 laser application will be given.

7. Advanced Course in Cosmetic Surgery:- 3 months 
During this course, training about routine Cosmetic procedures like Mega Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Breast Implant, Rhinoplasty, Dermabrasion, Scar revision, Co2 laser application etc. will be given.

8. Basic Course in hand Surgery:- 1 month 
During this course, basic technique of Hand injuries management including Tendon repair, # Phalanges & Metacarpals fixation, Cross finger flap, Skin grafting, Finger tip injuries etc. will be given.

9. Basic Course in Plastic Surgery:- 1 month 
This includes overall training of basic technique in Burn, Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery & other Reconstructive Surgeries.

10. Basic Course in Hospital Management:- 3 Months
(For graduate in any faculty)
This includes training of basic skills in Reception, OPD & Indoor patient management, Data management, Staff (Human Resource Management), Maintenance of basic hospital equipments, PRO (Public Relationship Officer) Bio-Medical Waste management, Communication Skills, Sterilization technique & O.T. Management.

11. Training of Burns nurses – 1 month
During this course, Training about ICU Monitoring of Burns patients, Nursing, CVP Monitoring, Dressing of Major Burns, Basics of Chest Physiotherapy, Basics of Diet, Pre & Post Surgery Management of Pediatric Surgery  will be given.

12. Training of O.T. Assistants – 1 month
In this course, Training of assisting for Major Reconstructions, Reconstructive Surgeries of Head, Face, Neck, Cancers, Hand Surgeries, Leg Trauma, Cosmetic Surgeries will be given. Special Training about Burns early excision, Mesh & Meek Micrografting will be given.

All the candidates will be issued Certificate & Concerned literature of the course from the hospital.

All the candidates can have free access towards our rich library of Plastic Surgery Books & Journals, Hospital Management & Nursing Training Books